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Product summary

"Facetheory - SUPERGEL OIL-FREE MOISTURISER M3 FOR OILY AND ACNE-PRONE SKIN" has a good moisturizing formula.

Ingredient callouts

  • We love that this moisturizer contains a good concentration of niacinamide 2.70% - 4.10%. Niacinamide is a perfect active in a moistruizer because it helps calm down inflamation in skin and support the skin barrier. More than that, it is helpful for most common skin concerns: it helps regulat oil production, help reduce acne and clogged pores, improve skin tone and prevent pigmentation marks. It also helps fight photodamage.
  • This product contains acids (lactic acid 0.50% - 1.20%). Their concentration is low, and they will not have a strong exfoliating effect. Instead, they work to support the skin natural acid mantle and to attract water (as humectants). Lactic acid is particularly good in attracting water to the upper layer of the skin and improving the skin barrier.
  • Salicylic acid (0.80% - 1.25%) in this product will have an exfoliating effect and help smooth the skin. We, however, do not recommend using a moisturizer with Salicylic Acid daily to avoid over-exfoliating.
This product contains ingredients that could be beneficial, but their concentrations are too low in this formulation: lactic acid and sodium ascorbyl phosphate

Irritation risk

This formulation includes some common irritants, including ingredients that do not provide a benefit for the skin. We assess the overall irritancy of this moisturizer to be medium. For a detailed overview of all potential irritants: click here

You can see the detailed formula review with the breakdown of all actives in the product and the full ingredient list with estimated concentrations in the tables below.


The product retails for 26.58A$ in Australia, for 1749.00€ in Germany, for 189.00SEK in Sweden, for 18.99$ in the United States and for 14.99£ in the United Kingdom.

For a detailed price comparison: click here.