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There are just two people (Maria and Stefan) working on WIMJ full time. We put our own money into developing the WIMJ algorithm and tools. We believe that people need more access to evidence-based skincare. This is why we want WIMJ to be available to you for free

We also really dislike the deceiving marketing tricks that the beauty industry uses to sell useless or even harmful products. This (and the basic integrity) is why we do not accept money from skincare brands to change our algorithm or rate their products better.

As you can guess, these stances limit our funding options.

If you like what we do, we ask you to help us make WIMJ sustainable and continue getting better. Here are the two ways to support us:

  1. Use our purple “Buy” buttons. If you decide to make a skincare purchase using our platform, we are very grateful if you do so by using our purple "Buy" button. When you buy a product following the link from our platform, we get a small commission from the retailer. This commission comes from the retailer's margin. It does not change the product price for you. On the contrary, we try to offer you multiple retailer links so that you can compare the prices and choose a seller that is convenient for you.

  2. Spread the word about WIMJ among your friends - in real life and social media. 

We also allow skincare advertisers to display ads on our platform. We limit our advertisement space to make sure it does not annoy you too much. And of course, any ad content on WIMJ will always be clearly labeled as such. 

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