Methodology: How Does the WIMJ Algorithm Work?

The WIMJ algorithm evaluates each product on two criteria: efficacy and irritancy potential. The algorithm assesses the efficacy potential for a potential skin benefit (for example, moisturization or anti-aging), one at a time. WIMJ AI model (the algorithm) takes into account publicly available evidence behind efficacy of individual skincare ingredients, their declared or estimated concentration in a product, as well as, to a limited extent, the combination of ingredients in the formulation.

The WIMJ algorithm also recognizes the promises made in the product description offered by the brands and retailers. Based on this information, WIMJ calculates its “Promises fulfilled” score.

WIMJ algorithm also evaluates the risk that a product will be irritating to the skin. It does this based on the clinical and research data available, and tells if a product has a low (green sign), medium (yellow), or high (red) irritancy risk.