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Build a skincare routine that works

Four simple steps to get a free presonalized recommendation for actives and products that are right for you.

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How do we come up with the recommendations?

The WIMJ Routine Builder starts with basics: the fundamental building blocks of any effective skincare. No matter your skin type, everyone needs a sunscreen, moisturizer and cleanser. These three products are a must for supporting health and beauty of your skin.

The main principle of the WIMj algorithm is matching each specific skin concern with effective actives. WIMJ checks for skincare ingredients that have the most convincing evidence for helping with each skin issue, be it breakouts, clogged pores, early wrinkles or dark spots. The best evidence for efficacy of an active are results of clinical trials.

Once the Routine Builder knows the actives that your skin needs, it offers you a list of products to choose from. You can choose yourself the brands and products so that they fit your budget and lifestyle. WIMJ has over 60 000 products in the database, and we are doing our best to offer you at least a couple of alternatives for every recommended active.

WIMJ algorithm also assesses the irritation risk of the whole routine. It helps to make sure that you do not overwhelm your skin with too many actives. Still, if you notice signs of irritation, pause your skincare products. Skin can react to anything, and what is fine for some people can lead to strong irritation in others.

Please keep in mind that the Routine Builder is an automated tool. The WIMJ team put a lot of effort and love into building it, but it is not perfect. This is why we encourage you to post to our community if you get any questions or doubts about your routine.