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"I really enjoyed my consultation with WIMJ. They helped me find the problems in my skincare routine. Thanks to them, my skin barrier healed, so my skin sensitivity is gone! They also introduced me to awesome ingredients to help with my other concerns and they answered my questions. It is a very professional service with a minimalist approach, which is beneficial to everyone."


“I have followed WIMJ recommandations and can already see significant improvements! My skin is no longer oily during the day and I have noticed less blackheads."


"The consultation with WIMJ was a great experience. I felt like she outlined how we were going to proceed and kept on checking that I was happy with the process. She suggested several alternatives that were more adapted to my skin’s needs and always explained why these were a better choice for me. I also really appreciated how my budget was taken into consideration and how any question I had was addressed really thoroughly. The process is both scientifically sound and lots of fun, so I’d definitely recommend it!”

-- Hannah

"I’ve learned so much during my WIMJ consultation. I was recommended more effective and surprisingly more affordable products. My skin is better and my routine is shorter”

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