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WIMJ is a skincare platform with:

Why are we building WIMJ?

We have created WIMJ to help you get results from your cosmetic skincare - even if you do not have access to a dermatologist.

We are an open community of people who like skincare that works. We care less about how it smells, looks or is advertised.

We reject beauty standards. We embrace self-care and respect for the skin biology. We value skin health and feeling confident about your skin. If it means celebrating your wrinkles - we are with you! If it means solving some cosmetic issues - we are with you too!

If something about your skin bothers you, we are here to help find skincare regimen to achieve your skin goals. But we will never tell you “you need to have a perfectly clear skin” or “you need to correct your age spots”. It’s your skin, and no one should tell you what your skin concerns should be.

When you need cosmetic skincare help, WIMJ platform offers different free skincare resources:

  • Automated tools developed by WIMJ core team. Check out the Routine Builder, Sunscreen Finder, and WIMJ Search.

  • Crowd-sourced info resources and skincare guidelines: check our Skincare guides & Ingredients section. Wherever possible, we advocate for evidence-based approach to skincare. This means that skincare recommendations should be based on results of clinical trials and other scientific studies. It is not always an option - but striving for it helps us all minimize the trial-and-error for our skin.

  • Community Q&A, product reviews, discussions and support. Cosmetic skin problems are confusing and frustrating at times. This is why we need each other to figure it all out and keep our spirits high!

The core team building WIMJ is working full time. We want to keep this resource free and accessible for all. To make this project sustainable, we use affiliate links and offer advertisement spots - but we always, always clearly label them as such.

Meet the core WIMJ team here.