What's In My Jar
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Skincare can work. Find out how

Enough marketing fairy tales.

Time to respect your skin.

Choose products based on what’s inside.

What is WIMJ?

We are an open community of people who like skincare that works.

We care less about how it smells, looks or is advertised.

We use of the latest technology & dermatological research to make skincare choices that are right for us and our budget.

We reject beauty standards. We embrace self-care and respect for the skin biology.

We value skin health and feeling confident about your skin. If it means celebrating your wrinkles - we are with you! If it means solving some cosmetic issues - we are with you too!

If something about your skin bothers you, we are here to help find skincare regimen to achieve your skin goals. But we will never tell “you need to use anti-aging skincare” or “get rid of your pores”.

It’s your skin. It’s amazing as it is. And we want it to glow with confidence.