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Neutrogena - Clear and Defend Wash-Mask
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Q+A - Activated Charcoal Face Mask
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Product summary

"Mary&May - Rose Hyaluronic Hydra Wash Off Mask Pack" is effective for: Moisturizing

Ingredient callouts

  • Ceramides (ceramide np 0.10% - 0.40%). Ceramides are an important part of our natural skin barrier. The Ceramides used in skincare are synthetic or come from plants. They help soften the skin and can help "fill the gaps" in the skin barrier, keeping the skin hydrated and resilient for longer.
  • Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) at about 0.60% - 1.40% concentration. In this concentration, Panthenol works effectively to improve the skin barrier and reduce inflammation.
  • Humectants (sodium acetylated hyaluronate 0.01% - 0.05%, sodium hyaluronate 0.05% - 0.25%, betaine 0.15% - 0.70%, panthenol 0.60% - 1.40%, glycerin 3.50% - 5.30% and diglycerin 5.60% - 8.40%). These ingredients help attract water to the upper layer of the skin and improve the skin hydration.


The product retails from 9.63$ up to 23.13$ in the United States.

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