WIMJ Skincare System

Switch off maketing hype. Switch on skincare that really works.

We are not here to sell you products. WIMJ gives you tools and information to empower you to build an effective skincare routine. Based on evidence and science. Tailored to your skin goals and your budget.

5 Principles for Skincare Routine That Works

Principle 1

Realistic Goals. Skincare products promise a world, but often they can’t deliver. Learn how to set realistic expectations from your skincare routine.

Principle 2

Actives A-Game. Choosing your actives first and your products second is a game-changer in skincare. We’ll help you identify which active ingredients are proven to work for your skin goals.

Principle 3

Foundational Trio. A good skincare routine starts with a broad-spectrum sunscreen, a gentle cleanser, and a moisturizer. These three products form the foundation of your skincare routine and can alone do a lot for helping your skin be at its best.

Principle 4

Less is More: Keep Irritation in Check. We help you keep an eye on the irritation risk of skincare products and avoid overwhelming your skin with too many potential irritants. By following the principle of “less is more,” you can avoid the risk of inflammation, which can lead to more significant skin issues down the road

Principle 5

Stay The Course.  Once you’ve set your skincare routine, stick with it. We recommend being patient, consistent, and committed for at least 3-6 months before expecting to see real results.