Jason Wu Beauty - Honey Fluff Matte Lip Cream
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  • Moisturizing
  • beeswax
  • dimethicone
  • dimethicone crosspolymer
  • methyl methacrylate crosspolymer
  • silica
  • simmondsia chinensis seed oil
  • titanium dioxide
  • vitis vinifera seed oil
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"Honey Fluff Matte Lip Cream"
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This product can help soften the skin and reduce its moisture loss with emollients and occlusives: beeswax, dimethicone.

Keep in mind that this product does not contain effective ingredients to attract water to the upper layer of the skin. This is why an additional product with humectants like glycerin or hyaluronic acid can be helpful (apply it before this product for the best results).

Ingredient Effectiveness Concentration Irritancy
meets threshold
meets threshold
meets threshold

Potential irritants

Ingredients by volume

Ingredient Estimated concentration
Improves the texture of the product and helps soften the skin. Helps oil and water mix together and can be used as a cleansing agent
23% - 34%
Used to thicken the product's consistency
5.9% - 8.9%
A silicone that helps to reduce water loss from the surface of the skin. Can temporarily "fill in" lines and wrinkles, absorb oil, and create a nice product finish
5% - 7.4%
A type of clay that is used to thicken the product consistency
3.8% - 5.7%
Helps thicken the product consistency
3.1% - 4.7%
Forms a protective barrier that holds water and keeps dry skin hydrated. Keeps an emulsion from separating into its oil and liquid components, and increases the thickness of a product. Can be an allergen
2.4% - 3.5%
1.8% - 2.6%
Is used to dissolve other ingredients and create nice product texture
1.4% - 2%
Used to absorb oil and can temporarily mattify skin
1.3% - 2%
Plain old water
0.85% - 1.3%
Used to create a thicker product texture. Helps soften the upper layer of the skin and might be able to prevent moisture loss from its surface
0.55% - 1.25%
Absorbs oil and moisture helping to create a dryer product finish
0.9% - 1.35%
A preservative. It helps prevent bacterial growth in cosmetic products
0.4% - 0.9%
A great emollient that can also have anti-oxidant properties
0.45% - 1%
Softens the upper layer of skin and helps restore the healthy skin barrier. Has shown to help calm down inflammation in skin. It is a stable oil, meaning that it retains its properties even when exposed to air.
0.4% - 0.95%
Works as a UV filter when used in high concentrations. It is photostable and is effective mostly against the UVB light, with some protection in the UVA range. In small concentrations, used for its ability to improve the color of cosmetic products. Is usually well tolerated by the skin
0.4% - 0.9%
A colorant. Usually well-tolerated
0.15% - 0.65%
A red colorant
0.15% - 0.55%
A red colorant made of iron oxide. Typically is not irritating
0.1% - 0.45%
An iron oxide. Used as a colorant. Is usually well tolerated
0.1% - 0.4%
A red colorant
0.1% - 0.35%
A yellow dye
0.05% - 0.3%

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