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Biovène Barcelona - VITAMIN C +20% Skin Brightening Facial Serum Treatment
Price: $5.99
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Price: $49
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Product summary

"Depology - Power C Antioxidant Radiance Boosting Serum" is effective for: Moisturizing and Evens skin tone

This product could be helpful for: Anti-aging, but its actives are not the most effective or are not well-studied.

Ingredient callouts

  • This product also contains Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid). It can be an effective active for anti-aging and evening out the skin tone, but in this product it is used for stabilizing other ingredients in the formulation. In this concentration (1.80% - 2.60%) it cannot have a noticeable benefit for the skin.
  • Ceramides (ceramide np 0.20% - 0.75%). Ceramides are an important part of our natural skin barrier. The Ceramides used in skincare are synthetic or come from plants. They help soften the skin and can help "fill the gaps" in the skin barrier, keeping the skin hydrated and resilient for longer.
  • Humectants (sodium hyaluronate 0.45% - 1.05% and glycerin 2.30% - 3.40%). These ingredients help attract water to the upper layer of the skin and improve the skin hydration.