A'PIEU - Deo Armpit Brightener

A'PIEU Deo Armpit Brightener

  • Moisturizing
  • cyclopentasiloxane
  • glycerin
  • polyglutamic acid
  • sodium hyaluronate
  • titanium dioxide
  • +2 more
75 /100
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"Extracts from milk protein, white lily, lemon, aloe vera and cucumber keep skin well moisturized and nourished."
WIMJ summary

This product contains good ingredients to attract water to the upper layer of the skin. These ingredients are called "humectants": glycerin, polyglutamic acid.

When humectants are on the surface of the skin, they “pull in” the moisture from the outside environment, or from within deeper layers of the skin. If the air is dry, humectants can speed up the moisture loss from the skin. This is why it is a good idea to use another product on top of this one to help "seal in" the moisture (look for ingredients like dimethicone, squalane, oils and butters).

Ingredient Effectiveness Concentration Irritancy
meets threshold
meets threshold
meets threshold

Potential irritants


Ingredients by volume

Ingredient Estimated concentration
Plain old water
45% - 55%
6.2% - 7.6%
Works as a UV filter when used in high concentrations. It is photostable and is effective mostly against the UVB light, with some protection in the UVA range. In small concentrations, used for its ability to improve the color of cosmetic products. Is usually well tolerated by the skin
4.7% - 5.7%
A silicone that helps improve the product texture and spreadability. Can absord oil creating a short-term mattifying effect on the skin
3.5% - 4.3%
2.8% - 3.4%
2.3% - 2.8%
Used to create a thicker product consistency and stabilize the product formulation
2% - 2.5%
1.6% - 2%
1.4% - 1.7%
Traditionally used to treat sunburns, dermatitis and inflammation, but evidence for its effectiveness is lacking. The extract can contain humectants that help attract water into the skin
1.2% - 1.5%
1% - 1.2%
Used as a fragrance. Can be irritating and cause photosensitivity
0.8% - 1.15%
0.75% - 1.1%
0.65% - 1%
One of the best moisturizing ingredients. Naturally present in skin. It attracts water to the upper layer of the skin working as a humectant
0.7% - 1.05%
Used to improve the product consistency
0.65% - 1%
Used to preserve products, dissolve other ingredients and create a nice product texture
0.65% - 1%
Is used to add opaque (non-transparent) appearance to formulations. Can be used to coat other ingredients for even dispersion. This is a different ingredient compared to the ones used in antipersperants (aluminium chloride and aluminium chlorohydrate)
0.6% - 0.9%
Helps oil and water mix together
0.45% - 0.7%
Helps preserve products and creates a nice product texture
0.45% - 0.65%
Used to create a nice product texture and help delivery of other ingredients. Might be somewhat helpful in attracting water to the upper layer of the skin
0.35% - 0.65%
Acts as a solvent for other ingredients. Speeds up the absorption of other ingredients into the skin
0.35% - 0.65%
A preservative
0.3% - 0.5%
Helps oil and water mix together
0.3% - 0.55%
Helps oil and water mix together
0.25% - 0.45%
A preservative
0.2% - 0.4%
Can work as an exfoliant but is typically used to adjust the product pH
0.2% - 0.4%
One of the best moisturizing ingredients. Attracts water into the upper layer of the skin
0.2% - 0.35%
Helps attract water to the upper layer of the skin.
0.2% - 0.35%
Stabilizes the product formulation
0.15% - 0.3%
A preservative. It helps prevent bacterial growth in cosmetic products
0.15% - 0.3%
A preservative
0.15% - 0.25%
A preservative
0.1% - 0.2%
An aromatic blend of unspecified and possibly irritating ingredients
0.05% - 0.15%

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