hellobubble - Wipe Out - MAKEUP REMOVER

hellobubble Wipe Out - MAKEUP REMOVER

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  • Cleansing
  • caprylic/capric triglyceride
  • cetearyl alcohol
  • glycerin
  • limnanthes alba seed oil
  • rubus idaeus seed oil
  • tocopherol
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This product works by removing dirt and oil from the surface of the skin. It uses a combination of mild cleansing agents (cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate citrate, hydrogenated lecithin, polyglyceryl-3 stearate) and should be able to cleanse the skin gently. Still keep in mind that any cleansing can disrupt the skin barrier, and most people do not need to cleanse their skin more than once per day.

Ingredient Effectiveness Concentration Irritancy
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meets threshold
meets threshold

Potential irritants


Ingredients by volume

Ingredient Estimated concentration
Plain old water
40% - 60%
An emollient that helps soften the skin and creates a thicker product texture
5.8% - 8.8%
Helps soften the upper layer of the skin and create a thicker product consistency
3.9% - 5.8%
A good mix of fatty acids that forms a protective layer on the skin. Improves the shelf life of products. Derived from coconut and glycerin
2.9% - 4.4%
One of the best moisturizing ingredients. Naturally present in skin. It attracts water to the upper layer of the skin working as a humectant
2.2% - 3.2%
Acts as a solvent for other ingredients. Speeds up the absorption of other ingredients into the skin
1.7% - 2.6%
Helps oil and water mix together while softening the upper layer of the skin
1.5% - 2.2%
Helps oil and water mix together
1.2% - 1.8%
A non-drying alcohol. Works as an emollient. Helps water and oil mix together and creates a nice product texture
1.1% - 1.6%
This oil's cmposition is closest to rapeseed oil. It is a very stable oil and serves as an emoillient
0.9% - 1.35%
A plant oil that might be able to help neutralize free radicals in skin
0.55% - 1.35%
0.45% - 1%
Maintains the texture of skincare products. Allows the product to spread evenly. Helps oil and water mix together
0.4% - 0.9%
Helps preserve products and creates a nice product texture
0.35% - 0.85%
Helps to retain moisture by creating a protective barrier on the skin. Rich in fatty acids. Improves product texture and helps with the penetration of other ingredients.
0.2% - 0.75%
A preservative
0.15% - 0.5%
Used to increase effectiveness of preservatives
0.1% - 0.5%
A more stable but less bio-available form of vitamin E compared to Tocopherol. Might help moisturize and protect the skin from free radicals, but mostly used in low concentrations to stabilize other ingredients.
0.1% - 0.4%
Pure form of vitamin E. Can help moisturise and protect the skin from free radicals. Often used to help stabilise other ingredients or the formula itself
0.1% - 0.3%
Used to adjust the product's pH
0.05% - 0.25%
Used to stabilize product formulations
0.05% - 0.15%

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