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"Atocontrol Cleansing Oil"
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This product works by removing dirt and oil from the surface of the skin. It uses a combination of mild cleansing agents (laureth-4, laureth-9, mipa-laureth sulfate, poloxamer 407) and should be able to cleanse the skin gently. Still keep in mind that any cleansing can disrupt the skin barrier, and most people do not need to cleanse their skin more than once per day.

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Potential irritants


Ingredients by volume

Ingredient Estimated concentration
A good emollient that helps soften the skin and helps repair its barrier function
23% - 34%
A plant oil that can help soften the skin. It might be helpful in calming down inflammation, but solid research is lacking. Is often used in lip products to create the needed product consistency
7.6% - 11.5%
Helps water and oil mix together
3.4% - 5.1%
3.9% - 5.9%
2.5% - 3.7%
1.5% - 2.2%
Helps oil and water mix together and can enhance the penetration of other ingredients into the skin. It can be irritating
0.95% - 1.45%
Plain old water
0.5% - 1.2%
A preservative
0.1% - 0.45%
Helps preserve product formulations and can mask the smell of other ingredients in a product
0.15% - 0.55%

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