ECO Tan - Compost Mask

ECO Tan Compost Mask

  • Moisturizing
  • butyrospermum parkii butter
  • cetearyl alcohol
  • cocos nucifera oil
  • glycerin
  • kaolin
  • persea gratissima oil
  • salvia hispanica seed oil
  • vitis vinifera seed oil
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75 /100
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"Created to brighten and draw out impurities leaving your skin seriously smooth, incredibly hydrated and drenched in green goodness."
WIMJ summary

This product can help improve hydration of the skin with the two types of ingredients.

The first type is called “humectants”:
these ingredients help attract water. When humectants are on the surface of the skin, they “pull in” the moisture from the outside environment, or from within deeper layers of the skin. The following ingredients in this product do the job: glycerin, aloe barbadensis leaf juice.

This product also contains ingredients called “occlusives”. They help reduce the speed with which our skin loses moisture to the outside environment. These ingredients also help soften the upper layer of the skin, so it feels less tight and nicer to the touch. The following ingredients in this product do the job: butyrospermum parkii butter, cocos nucifera oil.

Ingredient Effectiveness Concentration Irritancy
meets threshold
meets threshold
meets threshold

Potential irritants


Ingredients by volume

Ingredient Estimated concentration
Traditionally used to treat sunburns, dermatitis and inflammation, but evidence for its effectiveness is lacking. The extract can contain humectants that help attract water into the skin
23% - 34%
A type of clay that consists mainly of aluminum silicate. Helps absorb oil and creates a thicker product consistency. Can be used to add a white color
4.9% - 7.4%
A great moisturising ingredient that softens the skin and reduces water loss from its upper layer. It also can be helpful in protecting skin from free radicals
4.8% - 7.2%
A non-drying alcohol. Works as an emollient. Helps water and oil mix together and creates a nice product texture
3.3% - 4.9%
One of the best moisturizing ingredients. Naturally present in skin. It attracts water to the upper layer of the skin working as a humectant
2.9% - 4.3%
An emollient. Found to be as effective as a moisturizer for dry skin as mineral oil. Could be comedogenic
2.3% - 3.4%
An emollient that helps soften the skin and could be helpful in repairing its barrier function
1.7% - 2.5%
Helps oil and water mix together while softening the upper layer of the skin
1.4% - 2.1%
Helps to control the skin's pH level. Maintains the skin's natural film of amino-lactic acids and oils. Helps to preserve products
1.2% - 1.7%
A great emollient that can also have anti-oxidant properties
1.1% - 1.7%
0.9% - 1.35%
0.55% - 1.3%
0.8% - 1.25%
An emollient that can also help water and oil mix together, as well as prevent bacteria growth in products
0.55% - 1.35%
Plain old water
0.45% - 1.1%
The ingredient is not recognized
A preservative
0.45% - 1.1%
Used as a fragrance
0.45% - 1.05%
0.45% - 1%
A preservative
0.3% - 0.6%
A more stable but less bio-available form of vitamin E compared to Tocopherol. Might help moisturize and protect the skin from free radicals, but mostly used in low concentrations to stabilize other ingredients.
0.2% - 0.75%
Used as a fragrance. Can be irritating
0.2% - 0.75%
Can work as an exfoliant but is typically used to adjust the product pH
0.15% - 0.6%
0.15% - 0.55%
Chia seed oil. Helps to soften the upper layer of the skin and might be helpful in repairing skin barrier
0.15% - 0.6%
An essential oil that can be irritating. Has some anti-bacterial properties
0.1% - 0.45%

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