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Thoughts, experience?

Got a free sample of this moisturiser. I’m not familiar with the brand, and decided to investigate this moisturiser a bit. It looks as though perhaps it doesn’t deliver as well as it could. Also, it’s not really cheap or inexpensive. (I’m looking for heavier moisturisers while my sensitive, dry-ish skin gets used to a new tretinoin/hydroquinone/hydrocortisone/kojic acid prescribed treatment for melasma/sun damage plus older skin.) Thoughts, anyone? Thank you! 😕 😏

H2O+ - Hydration Oasis Nourishing Gel Cream
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I don't like hydroquinone. I love tretinoin. In my country the prior has been banned. Therefor Galderma Tri-Luma was out. There are things available that does the job very well - my holy trinity being Ascorbic Acid, Tretinoin and Niacinamide.

My advice to my friends always. Stick to what you know until a whole bunch of people have provided adequate testimony for or against it.. 😎


The prior... 😂 i meant to say the former.