2 years ago

PRODUCT REVIEW: Ku' Panda Skincare Awaken Daily Hydrating Cleanser +Butterfly Creme

I discovered Ku'Panda at a Media & Merch event two months ago. Founded by Janae Peats, she has created this all-natural plant and herb skincare line. Can it handle sensitive skin, I asked? She claims yes. I put it to the test. All I can say is I went outside in public without make-up after using this for a couple of days. This product made me realize there is a difference between moisturization and hydration. My skin is oily, dry sensitive. This balanced my skin and gave it the hydration it needed, not moisturizing. I do admit I broke out a little after my first use but realized it was bringing the gunk in my pores to the front. I put some CBD salve on it, and it cleared it up. I kept using it and did not have a problem after.

I also got gifted their Butterfly Creme. I'm not too fond of cremes; they are clog poring enemies to my skin. I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised by how lovely and soft this made my skin. I did not break out either, and it blends thoroughly into your skin, with no greasy, tacky residue, just softness. This is all due to their products' hydrating water from the Butterfly Pea flower. My full review was published on Blush at vocal media WITH PICTURES!

View it here if you'd like. https://vocal.media/blush/product-review-ku-panda-skincare-awaken-daily-hydrating-cleanser-butterfly-creame

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Thank you for reviewing JannyC! I've also added this product to our database: https://whatsinmyjar.com/product/kupanda-skincare-awaken-facial-cleanser