Beanie Beanie
2 years ago

Help to find minreal face tinted sunscreen

Could any one please help. Im looking for a sunscreen that is mineral tinted and spf of 50 to wear everyday that isn't going to break the bank ! As ones iv found are so expensive im also in the UK , iv got dry sentive skin. My skin has dark spots, hyperpigmentation. Iv spend the past 2 days trying my best to find one but haven't yet. Trying to make a good skin care routine as im 30. Any help would be appreciated so much !

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How about this option from Avene? (got good reviews from the community) :

Or maybe this one from Clinique?


I will check and get back to you with suggestions. I’m not in UK, but USA, though I’ve been to UK. Have you checked with a pharmacist or knowledgeable clerk at Boots?


Hi! I’m in the US but I’ve been on a similar search. I have sensitive dry acne-prone skin and a light-medium skin tone. I have a couple options that you could look into.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Light Fluid Sunscreen Tinted Mineral SPF 50

-light coverage and runny consistency, blends in nice and has a soft-matte finish

Exuviance Skin Caring BB Fluid SPF 50

PA ++++

-light coverage and creamy consistency, I set a bit of powder under my eyes

MD Solarsciences Mineral BB Crème SPF 50 (I use light)

-contains niacinamide and vitamin c, silicone texture like a makeup primer

Tower 28 Sunny Days SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen (wide range of shades)

-great coverage, good for evening out any redness, soft finish and semi-dewy

A non-tinted option that I really enjoy is

MD Solarsciences Mineral Crème SPF 50

-soft creamy feel on skin, silicone texture, also contains vitamin c, might have slight cast on deeper skin tones

I hope this helps!