2 years ago

Pre Teen Skincare Help

Hey There,

I have a 12 yr old boy who is starting to get small bumps on his cheeks, ( not pimples, no redness, or white/blackheads) and dryness around his nose. He did have eczema when he was a baby, and they do not look like that either.

I tried some of my more sensitive skin products, but they seem to irritate his young skin.

He does wash his face 2x a day with a mild soap.

Any suggestions?


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I would recommend to stop using the soap, but get a gentle face cleanser instead to use once per day, at night. For example: https://whatsinmyjar.com/product/simple-kind-to-skin-moisturizing-facial-wash

Cleansing with soap can damage the skin barrier and make an irritation more likely. In any way less cleansing and more gentle cleansing should help.

I’d recommend using a simple moisturizer twice per day or as needed on the dry areas: for example, https://whatsinmyjar.com/product/aveeno-calm-restore-oat-gel-moisturizer

When he goes outside, try to get him use a sunscreen, something like this one (mineral filters, no fragrance): https://whatsinmyjar.com/product/bare-republic-mineral-sunscreen-face-lotion