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G&G Review

I promised to publish a review! I haven't used the Stress Less or Happier Barrier yet, but if they match the other products I've tried so far, I'm sure it'll be fine.

The Mighty Melt Balm: works very well, no stinging, no scent, no stripping feeling! I usually don't feel the need to double cleanse - but I don't wear that much makeup, so you might want to double cleanse if you do. Skin feels very soft after use.

Calm Down: seems to be a very gentle exfoliator. No problems so far.

A-Game 5 retinal: I was a bit scared, because I've tried retinol before and had a bad reaction. But this is a very low dose (0.05%) and my skin is not protesting! I'm currently using it twice a week. It's too early to speak of results, but I will continue to use it and if it goes well, I can switch to A-Game 10 in time.

My skin already was in pretty good shape, but it does seem to look a bit extra clean and bright.

Very happy with this brand so far - I might check out their vitamin C serum, although the keeping it in the fridge / decanter situation seems like a hassle.

If you were debating whether to try this brand, I'd say give it a go!

In my research on here I came across the brand Geek & Gorgeous, which seems to have a good honesty score and some products I'd like to try! I'm happy with my Typology products, but G&G is cheaper and I found it's just as easy for me to order. So this is a possible fall / winter routine for me, where I blend in some new products with some known and trusted ones. I was looking for a new cleansing balm, so I have high hopes for the Geek & Gorgeous one. On days where I don't wear makeup, I'll use the Squalane Cleanser. Previously I had reactions to retinol, but I'd like to try the G&G retinal product, starting with once a week. I've added plenty of soothing products to keep my skin happy. The CBD oil will be swapped with my night cream when I feel like I need it. I will change over to this routine as my current products run out, so it will be a gradual process, which I think is good. Does this look like a balanced routine?
AM - Everyday
Stress Less Geek & Gorgeous 101 - Stress Less
Radiance Serum 11% Vitamin C Typology - Radiance Serum 11% Vitamin C
Moisturizing Face Cream SPF30 CeraVe - Moisturizing Face Cream SPF30
PM - Everyday
Mighty Melt Geek & Gorgeous 101 - Mighty Melt
Squalane Cleanser The Ordinary - Squalane Cleanser
Unifying Serum 12% Niacinamide Typology - Unifying Serum 12% Niacinamide
Plumping Serum — 3% Hyaluronic Acid + 2% B5 Typology Paris - Plumping Serum — 3% Hyaluronic Acid + 2% B5
Happier Barrier Geek & Gorgeous 101 - Happier Barrier
PM - Every other day
Calm down Geek & Gorgeous - Calm down
PM - Twice a week
Assemblage botanique peaux sensibles — au CBD 650 mg Typology Paris - Assemblage botanique peaux sensibles — au CBD 650 mg
PM - Once a week
A-Game 5 Geek & Gorgeous 101 - A-Game 5
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Thank you so much for sharing @Jackie Tee! I think this routine looks great. I also share your impression about G&G - very smart, effective yet careful formulations. I wish they'd be more available in retail, I didn't have a chance to try many of their products yet.