Janni Janni
3 years ago

Evy Sunscreen for Rosacea.

Is Evy’s daily UV face mousse okay for someone with Rosacea? The sun is one of my biggest triggers and just a minute in the sun makes my face hot and red. I have a hard tile finding a sunscreen for daily use that dowsn’t feel like I’ve put glue on my face. I also have facial hyperhidrosis so I need to reapply often.

EVY Sunscreen - EVY Daily UV Face Mousse SPF30
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EVY Sunscreen - EVY Daily Defense Face Mousse SPF 50
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It can work for someone with rosacea, there are no common irritants, but the UV filters themselves might disturb a very sensitive skin - it will have to be trial and error. I am wondering if the mousse format is reliable enough in terms of forming a good protective film on the surface. I can see though how it might be easier to re-apply it than a traditional lotion. I think it is worth a try.

As an alternative, you could go for a mineral-based lotion - like, for example, these ones: https://whatsinmyjar.com/product/ultrasun-face-mineral-sunscreen-spf30