last year

Think I’ll skip retinoids for rest of winter! Dryness!

Hope everyone is well! Looking back at my 2022, started using retinoids/vitamin A skincare products back around March-April. I’m over 60 and have brown skin which is a bit sensitive, but until recently, I’ve always been “lucky” to never have had skin problems. Now, I want to address general skin ageing (including some dryness) plus facial melasma (hyperpigmentation). Started using non-prescription retinoids in March/April, then in April got an online prescription for AZELAIC ACID from Apostrophe dermatology service. Started using high-SPF, mineral sunscreen, several times every day, RELIGIOUSLY, plus physical sun protections: hats, face visor, UPF umbrella and UPF clothing! And staying out of most direct sun, especially midday! By July, started going to a very good local dermatologist. He prescribed a very mild tretinoin blend that included hydroquinone. And I HAVE seen noticeable improvement in my skin. Occasionally I would skip my bedtime tretinoin cream due to either slight tenderness, or some skin dryness. Since colder weather began, my facial dryness has become more noticeable, feeling tight or tender. Talking with an esthetician the other day, the idea came up to SKIP the tretinoin treatment on some nights. But sometimes the dryness seems so pronounced, I think I’ll skip the tretinoin until warmer, more humid weather comes back, around April. I’m also going to add a hyaluronic serum to my routine, keeping in mind that I need to make sure my skin also is hydrated each time I apply the hyaluronic serum, and moisturise right after applying hyaluronic!

Has anyone else dealt with these issues? Thanks very much, merry Christmas, and happy holidays!

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