hip hip
2 years ago

HI all! So excited to find this forum

HI all! So excited to find this forum, I have recently fried my skin and ruined my skin barrier, I am working hard to restore it. However, no matter what I am putting on my skin, it feels so tight and dry.

I have gone back to my old routine (which worked very well for my skin before i introduced new products and fried it...), and the appearance of my skin is really good but it feels so tight and dehydrated - especially around my eyes, it gets painful to move my face at times. I would be grateful for any advice on retaining moisture - i dont use any serums atm as I am unsure what will work for my very dehydrated, sensitive, eczema prone skin. I have not had an eczema flare up on my face in a few years, and I luckily am not acne prone (due to my dryness) so really my main concern is restoring hydration.

Thanks all! :)

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Hello Hip, welcome to the community! Sorry to hear about your skin troubles... This search category can help you find the products with the least irritation potential: https://whatsinmyjar.com/search/sensitivity. Overall my advice would be to keep your routine very simple, mineral sunscreen, gentle cleanser, good moisturizer (all fragrance free) + maybe a serum with 2-4% niacinamide and smth like oats extract to help support the skin barrier (but it's not a must).