idullic idullic
2 years ago

overnight exfoliator and retinol serums

so i'm trying to decide between serums for both of these functions, and i am kind of torn between two brands. i've listed the items below. i used the compare feature and saw some similarities and differences, but just wanted to get some personal recommendations from those that may have used them and prefer one or the other. i like the ceramides in cerave products, but also like the simpler formulas in good molecules products, so i'm not sure which way to go.

i'm not going to use them currently as i am still healing my skin barrier from damage, but want to be prepared for when i eventually incorporate them into my routine. i plan to alternate them weekly: retinol once a week one week, overnight exfoliator once a week the next week. for context i have combination, sensitive, acne prone skin.

CeraVe - Skin Renewing Nightly Exfoliating Treatment
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Good Molecules - 1% Retinol Night Oil
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CeraVe - Retinol Face Serum For Post-Acne Marks
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Good Molecules - Overnight Exfoliating Treatment
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