HDee HDee
2 months ago

Rosacea/ Reactive skin

Hello Everyone…

I was wondering if you all could share with me your favorite serums for redness/sensitive skin. I tried the Cocokind Ceramide which I loved, but unfortunately it gave me whiteheads .

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Hello there! With sensitive skin, it's often removing products or having a gentler overall routine is what makes a difference. If your skin is getting irritated by smth, adding a serum on top won't help much. Could you please share your full routine?



Cleanser: Cetaphil sensitive skin.

Toner : Make p:rem safe me low ph essence toner

COSRX muscin snail. (Every other day)

Moisturizer: soon Jung 2X cream

Sunscreen (Purito daily sunscreen)


Do I need to get something that will clean my face better?


No, actually cleansing less / not too harshly is important for sensitive skin: https://whatsinmyjar.com/resources/sensitive-skin/all-about-cleansing-wimj-cleansing-guide.

I'd try to pause the essence toner - it contains dill extract that can be irritating.

It might also make sense to try switching to a mineral-based sunscreen, it is the safest option in terms of irritation: https://whatsinmyjar.com/search/sunscreens/mineral?is_broad_spectrum=true&sort_by=overall_irritancy%3Aasc&sort_by=overall_verdict%3Adesc