2 years ago

Help- I’m a complete novice!

Hello all, I would really welcome some help and advice on what products would be useful. I use a basic cleanser (cerave) and moisturiser (also cerave) and at times rose hip oil, Vit c serum and other random serums that seem a good idea at the time with no knowledge.

I have dry skin (some of which is from chronic I’ll ess), but oily t, sun damaged esp on forehead 2which feels like sandpaper, sensitive, loads of fine lines and wrinkles particularly around eyes(48years)…

Looking for budget - mid range options, but a decent routine. I’m Australia based.

Thank you so much, Trina

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Hello Trina, welcome to the community!

It makes sense to split your skincare goals into priorities:

  1. Choose a sunscreen you can use daily. It's your main "weapon" for anti-aging and even skin tone. Given your skin is sensitive, it would make sense to go for a mineral-based option like the ones here.

  2. Focus on reducing the sensitivity. Good anti-aging actives only work well if your skin barrier is strong and you get minimum irritation from them. This is why healing the skin barrier comes first.

  3. Once your skin barrier is in a good shape, you can - very carefully - introduce an active at a time. You can take a look at out guide here:, but do restore your skin barrier first!


Thank you Maria!