Determined to get rid of KP Determined to get rid of KP
2 years ago

I Have really bad Kp and it’s taking a toll on my self esteem. Can you help?

I have never worn skirts, dresses or shorts outside it’s so embarrassing. I know the key ingredients i need are either Urea, Glycolic acid, Lactic acid or salicylic acid. I live in the uk and it’s pretty hard to find these in the 15%-20% range.

Thanks to this site i was able to figure out that some brands false advertise the % they have in their products. Ie:- Neostrata claim their lotion plus has 15% glycolic acid but the estimated concentration is 5.6-8.4%.

Can you recommend some products with either of these ingredients at 15%? I would really appreciate it. From all that i’ve tried Paulas choice body exfoliant 2% and REN body serum Aha, have both made a little difference but no difference to the dark spots. I have attached what my KP looks like. Any help will do thank you :)

NEOSTRATA - High Potency Cream AHA 20
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This might be an option - pretty much glycolic acid 15% pure. It does contain about 4-5% alcohol, but it could be OK for legs (it's intended as a wash-off treatment, e.g. before shower): They are running a 30% discount on it now if you buy from the brand No.7 directly (

I'm just thinking about the price, because you'd need more product for the legs than for face, so The Ordinary might be a good brand to look at. e.g. (stronger than you are looking for, but you could try it as a wash-off option as well). Or you could use their toner with 7% more frequently:

This exfoliating lotion from Glytone is 17.5%:

Another user discovered this small UK brand at a very good price point (if you in the UK), you can select the strength:


Sorry it’s late but i appreciate your response i love your site please never shut it down.

I will try the last link and the ordinary peel as it’s cost effective :)

I would love to try Glytone but i haven’t been able to find it in the uk for years. Do you know of any products with high urea concentration 20-40% etc or higher or lactic acid lotion. I’ve tried amlactin,ameliorate, ren body serum aha, ordinary lactic acid and alpha body lotion. They all made a mild difference so i know i need a higher concentration.


This one has worked well for me so for and mine looked similar to yours. I am a big fan of using foot creams as long as it’s in an area that isn’t super sensitive. I have had an easier time getting higher concentrations of ingredients at a reasonable price. I have also used a glycolic acid toner from the ordinary prior to putting on the lotion - I waited about 20 minutes in between. You probably know this, but it’s important to introduce the ingredients one at a time because it can be irritating for your skin. Personally I found that a combination of urea and glycolic acid with a little break in between works better than a very high concentration of just one of them. I also like this one because it does have some salicylic acid in it

I haven’t tried this one but it looks very similar and probably a little bit more gentle which might be helpful if you’re doing more than one treatment or can’t get the other brand locally.


sorry it’s late i completely forgot i posted this.

i’ve heared others with keratosis polaris use foot cream because of what you mentioned. i can’t find a high urea concentration that’s not falsely advertised. I’ve tried eucerin urea and it hasn’t worked but it’s hasn’t irritated my skin. I’ve checked wimj and it’s 10-11% urea for eucerin and svxr has 9.5-11.6%. I was excited to svr but it’s falsely advertising.

I’ve tried ordinary glycolic acid toner and it’s made a mild difference. It has 7% glycolic acid so i think i’ll try in a higher % you should too. I’ll use this with a high urea concentration if i can find it. I’ve been using salicylic acid pads and it’s made a difference. Is there an option to PM so we can update each other on this.