2 years ago

Anyone else using this coconut cleansing oil? (Dry-ish skin)

Decided to try this cleansing oil based on coconut. I’ve used it a couple of days so far, and so far enjoy it. It’s very mild, pleasant (aromatic) smell reminded me of Décléor’s signature skin oil (which I used to use more regularly; harder to find now outside Europe where I am, and expensive)! This cleansing oil seems to leave my skin more moisturised, plus CLEAN. And the under-$10 (U.S.) price is much appreciated! I do plan to keep using.

AROMATICA - Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil
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Do you find that it keeps your pores clear? Pore clogging is the major worry with coconut oil for me (but at about it 5-6% as in this product it could be absolutely fine).

The aroma is a double-edged sward - super pleasant to use, but citrus essential oils can trigger sensitivity, so I'd skip it on the days around your 30% AHA/BHA trial.