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3 years ago

Tiam vita B3 source

Please how can I use it to get effective results??

TIA'M - Vita B3 Source
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It's a good product for evening our the skin tone and preventing hyperpigmentation if your skin is not sensitive. It can also help reduce blemishes. As the product title suggests, the effectiveness is mostly based on niacinamide (vitamin B3). It also contains beta-albutin (a cheaper sister of alpha-arbutin) that could help reduce pigmentation as well. Unfortunately, this serum includes a couple of plant extracts that are mostly added as fragrance, to achieve a neutral smell of the overall product. These extracts could create trouble for sensitive skin, especially in combination with the high concentration of the actives.

If your skin tolerates the product well, you can use it twice per day, morning and night before your moisturizer and/or sunscreen for the quickest effect. Still, fading hyperpigmentation always takes time, so do not expect results before 6 weeks of using the product.


Thank you ma'am. Please which product do you suggest for clearing hyperpigmentation?


I would recommend a skincare routine like this:

The active ingredients I'd recommend to look for: ascorbic acid, retinol & niacinamide + diligent sun protection. I have also selected a sunscreen with Thiamidol (Isobutylamido Thiazolyl Resorcinol) which is effective in reducing melanin production as well. Please note that these all are potent actives, so irritation is possible. A good idea is to introduce one product at a time so you can understand your skin reaction better.