2 years ago

White-cast alert (but using anyway!) 👈🏽

Just a heads-up, and asking others whether you use this all-mineral screen. Label says it’s 5% titanium dioxide, and 15% zinc oxide! (Reportedly, #WIMJ says mineral sunscreens need to have at least 20% mineral (physical: zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide) content to be really effective.) I blend this screen with about 2 other high-SPF screens (each with high mineral content) - 1 for its excellent BROWN tint, and another for effective, high SPF protection, plus great, golden brown colour and excellent makeup-primer texture. It’s 2022, and people of colour STILL have to do so much extra WORK to find, get, and afford basic sunscreens that don’t make us look bizarre. We need a lot more people of colour, and organisations and companies in communities of colour, who are formulating skincare products suited to people of colour. #this #sunscreensforbrownskins #sunscreenforblackskins #mediumtodarkskins

La Roche-Posay Anthelios - Face and Body Mineral Sunscreen Gentle Lotion SPF 50
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Thank you a lot for sharing! Yes, I'd think skincare companies should be able to create good tinted sunscreen shades, including mineral sunscreens, so that consumers wouldn't have to do all the sophisticated color mixing...