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3 years ago

Product formula review: Revolution Skincare 20% Vitamin C Radiance Serum

We've been asked to review this formula via Instagram - thank you for the request, this product is definitely worth attention!

What's good about it: it has a very high concentration (20%) of the bioavailable form of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Ascorbic acid has been shown to help even out the skin tone, prevent hyperpigmentation, help prevent and repair sun damage and boost collagen production. We also love the price point: about $15. An affordable price is especially important with ascorbic acid serums. The reason is: ascorbic acid in quickly loses its effectiveness in a formulation when the product is exposed to air and light. This is why it's best to go though open bottles quickly, and even discard the remains of serum once it turns dark orange. Of course, this is difficult to do if the product costs an arm and a leg. We also like the fully opaque packaging for the serum: it helps minimize the exposure to light and prolong the effectiveness of the vitamin C.

What's not so good about it: fragrance. 20% concentration of ascorbic acid is very high, and the pH of this product is most likely somewhere between 3.5 and 4.5, which is lower than the skin's natural pH. This can make the skin more prone to irritant reactions. This is why we are not thrilled about the orange peel oil added for fragrance in this product. It greatly increases the chances of causing an irritant reaction with long-term use of this product and adds precisely 0 skin benefit.

The bottom line: despite the high potency of vitamin C in this product, we can only recommend this product with caution. It's not designed for those of us with sensitive skin, and even if you are not pron

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... continued:

...and even if you are not prone to skin reactions, we'd rather go for fragrance-free alternatives, especially if you'd like to incorporate this serum into your daily routine.