3 years ago

What’s the problem with the form of vitamin c Zelens power drops?

Seems like the AI doesn’t recognise it!

Zelens - Power A High Potency Vitamin A Treatment Drops
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This product includes a derivative of vitamin C called ASCORBYL TETRAISOPALMITATE, at 20% concentration. There are some studies showing that this derivative can be somewhat effective in reducing pigmentation following exposure to UVB rays, but even the manufacturer's studies only show meaningful results at the 30% concentration. No studies were done to compare the effectiveness of this derivative compared to the bioavailable form of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), or to other vitamin C derivatives. From studies done for other vitamin C derivatives, we know that their topical application does not lead to a significant increase in concentration of the bioavailable form of vitamin C in skin. There are also no studies on the effect of this derivative on collagen synthesis and preservation. All-in-all, we are not convinced in the effectiveness of Acorbyl Tetraisopalmitate for anti-aging.

Personally I also think that the marketing of this product as "20% Vitamin C" and "drops" is misleading: you get an impression that it is a highly concentrated product, but in reality it is even short of the concentration used by the manufacturer to demonstrate the product effectiveness. It is highly unlikely that this product matches in effectiveness a well-formulated serum with 5% concentration of ascorbic acid .