2 years ago

Have you used this 7% glycolic solution? Results?

Tempted to try this solution, but also thinking of what I can pair with it to lessen the possibility of any irritation. Any suggestions or experience will be really helpful. Thanks everyone!

The Ordinary - Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution
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I would also love to hear about this as well.


I decided to go with Naturium 10% glycolic AND the 8% glycolic treatments. Going to try each of them and see how they are. Also got a bottle of ACID NEUTRALISER, just in case anything seems too harsh. I think everyone should keep acid neutraliser close at hand when they’re using chemicals that could cause a problem. Right now, I’m starting to use my prescription azelaic acid (with niacinamide), and will see if it plays nicely with my skin. Good luck with your efforts!


I have this product in my bathroom, but I only used it twice - I started 0.025% tretinoin, and my skin definitely does not need exfoliation atm, so I can’t comment much on long term effect. I was also looking at the Naturium version, but citrus oils in it stopped me (the combo of high concentration glycolic + citrus increases the risk of irritation).