gab2567 gab2567
2 years ago

new user here!

hello everyone! very excited to have found this community

i am joining to refine and improve my skincare routine. i dream to have a skincare routine that is 100% cruelty-free, (harmful) alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and eco-friendly. a girl can dream, right?

please share some awesome recommendations to help fill in missing steps in my skincare and/or substitute existing steps with even better products!

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Hello Gab! Welcome to WIMJ!

Haha, your requirements are tough for sure, but dreams can come true!

I’d be happy to review your routine once you get a chance to add it to your profile ❤️


hello maria, thank you for your support and warm welcome!

i did add my routine already, are you able to view it?


I am sorry we need to fix a few technical issues to make the routine review easier - it's coming! I've created a new post with your routine and will add my thoughts here:


thank you for going the extra mile to help me maria! will be heading over to see your comments!