Ayshea Ayshea
2 years ago

Getting old and want it to stop!

As a lady of a certain age and menopausal, my skin is looking older. Whilst I know I can not stop time, what is the best product to help with dry skin and lines in my neck?

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Products that can help are: a retinoid serum/cream + sunscreen + vitamin C serum + moistuizer with niacinamide. If you'd like less products/simpler routine, leave out the vitamin C serum.

An example routine can look like this: https://whatsinmyjar.com/skincare-routines/public/3049

A more expensive option: https://whatsinmyjar.com/skincare-routines/public/3228.

(A side note: it's a coincidence that both routines include the same moisturizer - it is a very good one, but there are hundreds other very good ones on the market).

All of these products can be used on both your face & neck (apart from a tinted sunscreen - can ruin your clothes; but any broad spectrum & preferably low irritancy sunscreen with spf 30+ will work). The only thing to be careful about is irritation risk: the skin on the neck can be more sensitive. A good approach is introducing products with actives to this area slowly (but use moisturizer & sunscreen every day). For example, you can start by using a retinoid serum 2-3 times per week at night on your neck after applying a moistruizer (applying retinoid after a moisturizer slows down the absorption and decreases irritation risk), and the vitamin C serum in the morning, before moisturizer and/or sunscreen every other day. Gradually increase the frequency and watch your skin reaction closely - if you are noticing signs of sensitivity (strong dryness, itching, redness, flaking) - take a break from actives for a few days and introduce slowly again afterwards.

It is a good idea to avoid spraying parfums on your neck when using retinoids (again, because of the irritation risks).

If you'd prefer products specifically marketed for neck, here are a few options with retinoids:

- https://whatsinmyjar.com/product/glowbiotics-md-neck-cessity-anti-ageing-neck-and-decolletage-treatment

- https://whatsinmyjar.com/product/clarks-botanicals-age-defying-neck-and-decollete-treatment

- https://whatsinmyjar.com/product/nassifmd-dermaceuticals-quickfix-face-and-neck-lift-peel-off-masque


Thank you so much!