mack mack
4 months ago

Milia Products

Is there a suggested product for milia? Particularly under-eye/eye bag milia?

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A gentle formulation with retinoid and, again, a very gentle exfoliant -applied only in the area where you get milia (not on the whole lower eye lid, and not at all on the upper eyelid) ideally with 5-10% PHAs can help. The most important thing is to watch out for irritation in this sensitive area. I would start with a retinoid cream every other night, and an exfoliant once a week. If the skin tolerates it well, increasing to every night for retinoid, and exfoliant twice a week. Plus daily sunscreen - do not worry, it will not lead to more milia, but can actually help prevent it. A few product options - retinoid: - - - PHA exfoliant: - - (this can be used more frequently because the concentration of acids is low - possibly every other day or maybe even every day if your skin tolerates it well).