chellecakes chellecakes
4 months ago

Can you do anything about broken blood vessels? (From vomiting)

I have a few broken blood vessels on my cheeks and I get them around my eyes too. I have a medical condition and sometimes I have to vomit a lot-- and my poor skin suffers. I'm not sure what I can do at home because I can't afford laser treatments or anything. I have a pretty decent routine but I might need something more effective.

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Unfortunately, topical skincare cannot help with broken blood vessels caused by trauma (like vomiting or strong sneezing) 😔. It is possible that a routine with retinoids & ascorbic acid (vitamin C) + sunscreen can help the skin heal faster. At the same time, it is crucial that you avoid skin irritation, so it is better to go for gentler formulations. For example, this one for ascorbic acid: And a few options for a retinoid products: - - -