3 years ago

Skin reset (suggested by pro)

So, my skin pro got back to me and suggested me to “reset” my skin by using just a basic cream for at least of a couple of weeks.

This should fix the pimples and irritation.

So I’m giving it a try and gonna see what happens. I used this stuff when I was 20…

At the moment, my skin is a tad bit better. Few small pimples, but unfortunately there’s some redness and uneven surface that could be a reaction to cosmetics, after all.

After using this stuff for a couple of weeks, I’ll be adding more products.

I’m a bit scared already😟 Not used to have only a light cream to put on my skin. But gotta do what the capitano commands.

(Pic with make up aka mineral foundation. Skin is a mess without anything to cover the redness.)

ORION - Humektan cream
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Humektan cream Orion - Humektan cream
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Humektan cream Orion - Humektan cream
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Stay strong - it’s amazing how often skin thrives with health and glow the moment we leave it alone 👍👍👍


How are you holding on? How is the 'reset plan' going?