Millpill Millpill
2 months ago

Hello from Europe

Hello, WIMJ commimity! I joined the website to learn about the European skincare and how to take care of my utterly dehydrated skin and broken barrier after finaly getting rid of acne, as a lot of hyped up creams unfortunately just irritated my skin or broke me out again, like niacinamide. :/

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I like Bioderma products for when my skin is very dry or sensitive. I use their Atoderm line, but they have several lines for various skin issues. Focus on a gentle cleanser and a good moisturiser and spf first and when your skin is happy with those you can add other actives one at a time.

Typology (a French brand) has some nice products with a minimum of ingredients, like the 9-ingredient moisturiser (very light, I really like this one) and the 9-ingredients soothing serum. I use their CBD botanical blend for sensitive skin.

Good luck finding a routine that works for you!