last year
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You can add products yourself if that's what you mean, if you click on tools and then add a product, then you just need the adress link to the product, click submit. it will scan the website for you, sometimes it doesn't scan right or everything so you need to check and then maybe add brand name, product name, product description (just copy the one from the website), ingridients and if you know a concentration of an ingridient thats been confirmed by the company you can put the percentages next to that ingridient just be careful on where the "," is so it doesn't put the percentage on a different ingridient (manage to do that on mistake myself lol) and then you click if it's a moisturizer, cleanser and any other category it could fit into like anti aging or exfoliating etc. And then you just click submit at the end and it will scan and analyze for you and boom it's up after about 30 seconds to a few minutes 😊


Thank you very much