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exfoliation and sunscreen

hello! so recently some part of my face has been covered by small whiteheads (its a rare thing for me to have one) and i think its because im using sunscreen that is clogging my pores, so can i have some sunscreen reccomendation that i can use at home (the spf is around 30-35 please, nothing above 40) and will help me with my acne and my acne spots, also i was confused about exfoliation stuff, can someone suggest me what type of exfoliation should i use (chemical, serum, gel, toner, others) for beginner-friendly and reccomend me some products please.

Additionally, any other tips about sunscreen/exfoliation or other(maybe the ingredients i should avoid/i should use, etc) than that is very acceptable, im highly glad if someone give me some

Thankyou so much!!! i gladly appreciate it if someone answer all of my worries

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I strongly suggest that you should make use of WIMJ's data base, to learn about the product you're using. Know what are you putting on your face and how many comedogenic ingredients are there.

If you believe sunscreen is the cause to your whiteheads. Simply changing it to a non comedogenic one will do.

Exfoliation really depends on your skin condition, if you have very nice and stable skin, I don't think you need it. Avoiding comedogenic ingredients will change your skin contrition.


Thank youu for replyinggg

i did try the data base, but because some of my products im using is not that popular on other countries, so i can't include my products to find out about the ingredients. But thank you so much for suggesting, i'll try to avoid comedogenic products as much as possible


You can add the products here to study the result. Go to Tools--> add product


My daughter and I have found great success with a simple apple cider vinegar+water solution. I never use any of the brands that are organic or contain "the mother" because I don't want it so acidic that it causes a chemical burn. Rather, I use Heinz All Natural Apple Cider Vinegar with 5% acidity--BUT IT IS CRITICAL TO DILUTE THE SOLUTION! To that end, I mix only ONE part apple cider vinegar with EIGHT parts water to avoid irritation. It was a very affordable, easy, simple regimen that kept my skin soft and clear when none of the multiple medications the dermatologist prescribed for me ever helped much.

Now that I'm a mom, I've been trying to help my daughter, who struggles with significant forehead acne. I used the solution on her years ago and it completely cleared her forehead, but she complained so much about the smell (which can be strong at first, but does quickly dissipate) that I gave up. Now, however, she has been broken out again and nothing the dermatologist has given her has helped all and just made her problem a lot worse. So I started using the apple cider vinegar+water on her again. It's only been a few days, but her skin is already greatly improved to the point that she is now requesting we please use the solution. Apple cider vinegar is a natural exfoliant that unclogs pores, but without any skin-damaging kernels or scrubbing. It also controls oil production, softens the skin, eliminates redness, and has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. I spot-tested it on my daughter overnight first, however, to make sure her skin didn't have any negative reaction. She did great and so--at her request--we're now applying it all over her face and have gone from doing so just at night to applying it all over her face morning and night.

As to sunscreens, the only one I've found in my (ongoing) search that my extremely sensitive skin does not have any trouble with is Baby Bum Mineral 50 SPF sunscreen (sold by Sun Bum). I've been using it for several months now and have had zero breakouts or irritation, as it's made of mostly all-natural ingredients. I tend to gravitate towards baby products anyway, since they're typically less harsh and better for my tender skin.


you can add your product under "tools". just go to the homepage of the product you are using and copy the ingredients list to paste them into the product information when adding the product here. as far as your other concerns, i used st. ives apricot scrub for years, it is very gentle. now that i'm older i use chemical exfoliants that fight aging. for suncreen i use pacifica's various mineral suncreens when just going to work or in winter. when i plan to be in the sun for long periods i've been using bare republic mineral stick sunscreen. the stick is nice because i can carry it in my pocket and reapply it every two hours. to remove the mineral sunscreen you have to use a cleansing balm like provence beauty's immortal bloom or e.l.f. holy hydration cleansing balm. really any cleansing balm or oil will remove the mineral sunscreen, i just like those too the best of the one's i've tried.