Dhanya Dhanya
last year
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Kindly suggest a non comodogenic face moisturiser for dry sensitive skin ...


Maybe you can layer a serum and a moisturiser?

I have a good experience with glycerin-based serums. Be it the one from La Roche Posay Toleriane ones (eg Dermallergo) or any similar product you can find. I currently use these ones: https://whatsinmyjar.com/product/la-roche-posay-toleriane-ultra-dermallergo-soothing-serum (very gentle for me)

https://whatsinmyjar.com/product/transparent-lab-pure-glycerin-face-serum (15% glycerin declared, more heavy duty hydrating)

Followed by an emollient cream. During the day it may be a moisturising sunscreen. You're looking for a day cream or a night cream or 2 in 1?

I would also look into your cleansing routine to make sure that you're not over drying your skin during that process.


You may consider adding a serum to your routine, I use skinceuticals Hydrating B5 follow by La roche Posay toleriane line, change depends on the weather.


PURITO B5 Panthenol Re-Barrier Cream