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Eye cream for sensitive eyes to combat wrinkles

I'm looking for an anti aging eye cream which won't irritate my sensitive eyes. I have tried so many and wasted so much money, brands I have tried, Paula's choice, estee lauder, no7, decleor, boots. Thanks

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I’d look for a combo:


fragrance-free serum with 4-6% niacinamide

+ daily mineral-based sunscreen

PM: moisturizer with bakuchiol and peptides (or a serum and a mosturizer to cover these actives).


I have dry , fine lines around my eyes plus I wear contact lenses so I have tried many eye creams. The ones I do prefer are Murad , Dermalogica and Niod. I know how difficult it is , especially when lines start to appear.


Have you tried La Roche Posay or Avene? I prefer an Australian brand called Natio myself, in their sensitive range.


I too have sensitive eyes. I use Avene RetrinAL for Eyes in the evening. Because it contains Retinaldehyde, it’s best to use at night. I use it under my eyes, crows feet and just below my brow. I have never had an irritation problem and it hydrates AND helps combat fine lines. It has worked great for me!


I've found LaRocia and Cerave products really good and Cereve sun lotion the best.

Cetephil gentle face wash is amazing