Tammi Tammi
last year

I recently bought a microneedling kit and wanted to know what products are recommended for use afterwards

I read that hyaluronic acid serums are good. Which products are best to use during and after treatment? Which moisturizers are gentle and safe for use?

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Hi Tammi, I would take care with microneedling! Especially, don't use the roller type: they tend to leave a 'gash' as the needle goes in and out at an angle. The pen types send the needle in and out vertically, but even then how do you know what depth and diameter needle would work best for your skin type and conditions? A cosmetic dermatologist might be able to answer using their microscopes.

The skin-identical ingredients in a product are the safest: based on my reading those includes glycerol, fatty acids, hyaluronic acid, squalene, glycerol, urea, ceramides, and most peptides (most are based on broken collagen fragments, the plan being that live skin cells should pick up the hint that it's time to make more collagen). But any irritating ingreditions would be extra-irritating through amicroneedling wounds.

In terms of actives, the safest might be hyalorinic acid, niacinamide and antioxidants like Vitamin C and Viatmin E.

I would be scared to go applying retinoids or anything with irritation risk on top of microneedling wounds without strict dermatologist guidance on what and how much.


This site seems good: https://drpen.com.au/blogs/news/what-to-put-on-skin-after-microneedling

There's multiple healing phases after microneedling, and some ingredients like antioxidants are unsafe to use less than 7 days after the microneedline.

You know it's probably best to get it done professionally a few times, with all the after-care steps. If I did that and I like the results, and I was confident I could follow the technique, then I would star to think about saving $$$ by trying a shallower/thinner version of it at home.