Aaron k
last year

Which one is more effective

Just wondering at my job I spend long hours in a car by a window and a few hours outdoors so I do worry about UV skin damage

Thankfully I discovered dr Russo products

However I'm not sure which one has better anti aging benefits since I'm 23 now which one will do a better job at preventing all the nasty stuff like sagging, fine lines wrinkles

Dr Russo protective moisturizer or

Dr Russo invisible face

Or perhaps both products are equally as effective, please let me know?

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Hello there 👋! Glad that you are looking into a daily sunscreen👏. You can compare the formula of both products by adding them to "compare" to see the ingredient breakdown side by side (https://whatsinmyjar.com/product/dr-russo-once-a-day-spf30-sun-protective-day-moisturiser and https://whatsinmyjar.com/product/dr-russo-once-a-day-spf30-sun-protective-face-gel-tan-accelerator). The protective day moisturizer uses new generation UV filters (Tinosorb S, Uvinul A Plus, Uvasorb HEB), based on that I'd judge its protection in the UVA range as more reliable compared to the invisible face with tan accelerator. I am not sure how well the brush on applicator works for the protective day moisturizer: if you buy it, please make sure that you apply a proper layer and don't go too thin, otherwise you won't be getting a good sun protection.