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How to get my acne prone chin calm

Hi all! Since I reached my 20s I have redness and acne but only around my mouth or chin, related to my cycle. While dermatologists keep debating whether it's clowns eczema or rosacea, I still haven't found the right routine to keep it as calm as possible. It is not as severe that it would need (oral) medication, but its still annoying. Peelings every now and then do help, so it will skip a cycle, but I don't have the time (or money) to get a peeling every other month... I started astaxanthine supplements and this does seem to help a little, only two or three pimples compared to five or more every cycle.

I get there is no magic trick, but does anyone have a great routine I should try?

Thanks in advance!


Current routine: brandless cleanser in morning and evening, serums as mentioned on alternating days in the morning, somebymi miracle cream in the morning. Toner in the evening, followed by eyecream and pyungkang moisturizer.

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I'd try switching to fragrance-free products (no synthetic fragrance, but also no essential oils and potentially irritating plant extracts). I'd avoid exfoliation and ascorbic acid - until you've got the sensitivity & redness under control. Since the cause of the acne seems to be hormonal, topical skincare might have only a limited effect. I'd focus on strengthening your skin barrier first. Adding an azelaic acid 10-20% to your routine might help with both acne & redness, but please check with your derm. I'd also ask them about using Bakuchiol allover and Benzoyl Peroxide as spot treatment on inflamed spots for managing acne. Since you might be having eczema / rosacea, it is very important to treat your skin gently and not add actives that can make your condition worse. Please use a mineral-based fragrance free sunscreen daily.

This won't be a cure, but since your topical options are limited for the moment, consider adjusting your nutrition to help balance things out (e.g. adding an Omega-3 supplement):