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2 years ago

burning sensation under my eyes after applying products and redness

I have an issue with a bit of redness and (worsening) burning sensation when applying some products (even gentle ones like Cerave PM Moisturizer) under my eyes - but with some products like Vichy 89 booster serum, I don't feel anything. I've recently started using Differin (twice a week), and the burning has worsened - although it only lasts for about 20-30 seconds after applying.

How do you think I should move on from here? I'm also wondering since I've heard this is normal when starting to use Differin, what's the best course moving forward, and is it ok to keep using it? Maybe revert to once per week and stop the salicylic acid cleanser?

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Change products you have sensitive skin so id highly recommend a soothing cream like the klairs soothing cream it has bee my all time favourite moisturiser!


I'd recommend to stop the salicylic acid cleanser fully for now, and Differin for a week or two - until your burning sensation is gone. I'd stick with the Vichy 89 booster, plus use smth like this on top:


I ended up buying the cicaplast gel b5 (the store didn't have the baume version) and it helped a lot within 1 night! I also switched from the CeraVe SA Cleanser to CeraVe hydrating cleanser which makes my skin feels super nice and not dry like the one before.

My irritation is entirely gone within 2 days and I'm back on differin, I'll continue using it for now as long as my skin stays healthy. Thanks!