NikkiCee NikkiCee
3 years ago

Multi-purpose lotion

Hello, I'm a Nigerian. Light skinned in color. I'm looking for a lotion with these qualities:

a. Cellulite removal

b. Stretch marks removal

c. Even skin tone.

d. Firming

I recently gained weight and dropped down almost immediately, so my stretch marks got worse. Sadly, most of it has turned black in color and it's really freaking me out.

I have cellulite all over my bu** cheeks, stomach and thighs.

I honestly want a recommendation under $20

Thank you!

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Hello NikkiCee! ­čĹőUnfortunately, no topical product can really make a difference for cellulite and stretch marks. Any product that promises to remove cellulite or stretch marks is lying and cannot deliver, so I'd really advise to stay away from those.

Still, there are some ingredients that can help improve the look of stretch marks slightly, mainly retinoids (e.g. retinol).

The most budget-friendly option would be to buy a simple retinol serum intended for face (like this and apply it to the areas with stretch marks and uneven tone. Follow with a usual moisturizing lotion (for example, or You could also follow up with a cream with centella asiatica (a more expensive option, but the actives from centella asiatica can help strengthen the skin barrier and prevent further stretch marks - You can, of course, go for a body lotion with retinol (, but they tend to be more expansive than a simple serum + simple lotion combo.

Here is also body product (a mask) almost within the budget with retinol: You'd need to apply it daily or every other day to see an effect though, so definitely not the most practical format (I wouldn't have the patience and discipline ­čśť).

Most importantly, please remember that cellulite is normal and most pictures of celebrities with perfect butts are photoshopped to hide it. I do not know the exact statistics on it, but stretch marks are very common as well. Their color fades over time so they will become less noticeable. What I am trying to say is - give it a try to accept your body's imperfections and not to allow the beauty marketing make you upset over them (and waste a lot of money on cream and potions that don't work).

Take care!