Jojo Jojo
2 years ago

Hello from null

Hi! I’m 51 and have broken capillaries and rosecea - textured skin and uneven skin tone. Also lots of creepiness on my neck and Hypo pigmentation on chest as well as sun spots.

I’m trying everything but not having much luck.

I heard of doing DMK ENZYME treatments … seeing if anyone else has any success with turning back the clock!

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Hello Jojo, welcome to the community! The thing is that with anti-aging regimen, one needs a lot of patience and consistency. For example, with retinoids, the first results show only after a couple of months of following a consistent routine. You can take a look at our guide for anti-aging:

I didn't try DMK Enzyme treatments, but from a quick browsing on their website, I am turned off by their pseudo science language like "paramedical" treatments (I think this word doesn't mean what they think it means), "transdermal products" etc. There is little actual detail on what exactly they use in the treatment, and I bet not much real research behind it. I'd stick with retinoids...