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Hi everyone!


I recently stumbled across this great website when researching a product. I’d love anyones tips and advice on how to improve the health of my skin. I’m a busy and tired mum with a newborn. I don’t have a huge budget at all and minimal time. Happy to invest in key players that have max payoff!

My skin concerns are:

-Mild hormonal acne around cheeks and jawline which when leaves reddish scarring I can’t shift.

-Uneven skin tone with small patch of discolouration. A general dullness to my skin.

-Normal signs of ageing like fine lines around eyes and forehead

*I have normal/slightly oily skin and live in a subtropical climate.


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Assuming you're not breastfeeding:

Hormonal acne is certainly something that might require a consultation with a dermatologist. While you're at the derm, I would definitely try to get a prescription for tretinoin and azelaic acid, and possibly hydroquinone for the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) that you described. These activities would put you back on track in no time (2-3 months).

In case you don't want or can't visit the dermatologist, I'd encourage you to look up routines containing azelaic acid, adapalene, and alpha-arbutin or vitamin C.


You want a simple routine, so I'd say vitamin c for dullnes/ uneven skintone / aging. Niacinamide might help with the redness from the acne & hyperpigmentation. (best not to use them together, apparently, so you can do one AM and the other PM).

Or instead of niacinamide you could opt for azelaic acid, which also helps with acne and uneven skintone.

The Ordinary has affordable serums for these options, if that brand is available to you.

Also a good sunscreen /spf in the AM!


I like The Ordinary because it’s affordable with little extra junk ingredients. And then you can go more bougie from there. Maybe start by trying one of their Vitamin Cs for brightening and anti-aging (I’m using their Alpha Arbutin 2% and Ascorbic Acid 8% and it’s good) along with their Azelaic Acid at night. And find a moisturizer with Niacinamide and ceramides like maybe CeraVe p.m. You could use the Vitamin C in the the day too or try their “Buffet” peptide serum (has been renamed) for hydration and more gentle anti-aging and a tinted mineral sunscreen like one from EltaMD. If you have oily skin you may like the Australian Gold sunscreen. And stick with a gentle cleanser like Vanicream. You may need a second oil cleanser if you’re using a mineral sunscreen. The Ordinary Squalene cleanser or the Inkey List Oat cleanser are supposed to be good. But don’t buy them all at once, as it may cause irritation. Start by finding a good sunscreen, moisturizer and cleanser that you like and agrees with your skin, which can take a while!


Also I haven’t tried this brand, but it is also affordable with an Azelaic Acid derivative. Naturium Azelaic Acid Topical Acid 10% (linked) would be a good place to start as far as treatments because there are many good ingredients in this one aside from Azelaic Acid: It has Niacinamide which is good for everything, Hyaluronic Acid which is good for hydration and a bit of a Vitamin C derivative which may help with brightening. And it could be used day and night. The Ordinary Azelaic is a strange consistency that has to go on at the end of your routine at night and pills in the daytime. But yeah an Azelaic Acid prescription would be best if you have access to a dermatologist.


Oops, I just remembered that Alpha Arbutin isn’t allowed if breastfeeding so maybe one of their other Ascorbic Acids or the Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% is supposed to be a good vitamin C derivative for oily skin. You can also plug in your skin concerns and profile on The Ordinary website, and they can recommend a couple of compatible products. But like I said before, I would start with cleanser moisturizer and sunscreen, and I recommend for more oily skin the Inkey List Oat Cleanser, Vanicream Cleanser, CeraVe P.M. and Australian Gold tinted mineral sunscreen. :)