Saphirre Saphirre
2 years ago


The cold is coming and I have no idea how I can take care of my skin when it's cold. Usually, with the cold, my skin gets sort of dry but not the extremities that it is dry-dry. I don't know if it's my skincare routine causing it to be sensitive whenever I touch it, almost like it's tingling or a result of the cold. But my skin sort of gets ashy whenever I do my skincare and go outside, early in the morning when it's coldest.

Any recommendations or tips on this, I stopped doing my skincare because I didn't know if it was a product I was using since some are kind of harsh and there was potential for irritation.

Ignore the 4th product on the PM side, never used it.

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I want to say it's my skin care products . . . Could be (?) Maybe -


Yes, it could be from the retinoid (Differin). Try reducing the frequency to 3x per week - your skin should improve. You could also use a Cicaplast balm at night to help restore the skin barrier faster (can go on top or instead of your PM moisturizer):