2 years ago

Lazy anti-aging routine that works - under $60 (US version)

A couple of new community joiners said they were worried they were "too lazy" to keep a good skincare routine. We honestly think that laziness is a driver of progress - including skincare! In fact less products and less time spent on skincare often results in better results. Skin is a pretty awesome biological organ that for the most part can do great on its own. It just need a little bit of support to adjust to our modern lifestyle, expectation of looks, and longer life spans.

Here is a 3-product "lazy" anti-aging skincare routine that can work for any gender. Apart from anti-aging, it can help prevent pigmentation issues and even help reduce occasional acne.

The actives in this routine include:

- new generation UVA and broad-spectrum filters Uvinul A Plus & Tinosorb M (good UVA protection) in the sunscreen

- about 2% niacinamide & adenosine in the sunscreen

- about 0.5% of retinal, 0.5% of bakuchiol & adenosine + good moisturizing complex in the night cream

The total routine cost is $60 usd. (We'll post a UK version of this routine in a separate post).

AM - Everyday
Sun Project Skin Relief Sun Cream Thank You Farmer - Sun Project Skin Relief Sun Cream
PM - Everyday
Anti-Aging Unscented Facial Cleanser eb5 - Anti-Aging Unscented Facial Cleanser
Concentrated Cocktail Renewal Cream Eczema Honey - Concentrated Cocktail Renewal Cream
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